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Cred, UpGrad and Groww among the top ranked start

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The top three companies on this year's LinkedIn "Top Startups List" include investment platform Groww, upGrad, and the unified payment interface CRED.

Cred, UpGrad and Groww among the top ranked start

The most valuable startup was CRED, with a USD 6.4 billion valuation. UpGrad and Groww came in second and third, respectively.

Cred, UpGrad and Groww among the top ranked start

Newcomers to the list this year include the e-grocery company Zepto (ranked fourth), the full-stack car-purchasing platform Spinny (ranked seventh), and the insurtech venture Ditto Insurance (12th).

Cred, UpGrad and Groww among the top ranked start

The organic food market Living Food and the fitness platform Ultrahuman both made their debuts on this year's list at number 20 and number 19, respectively, by enabling users to lead conscientious and healthy lifestyles.

The other top ten startups on the list are BluSmart, The Good Glamm Group, MBA Chai Wala, Skyroot Aerospace, and The Good Glamm Group (10th).

Bengaluru confirms its status as the "Silicon Valley of India" by being home to 13 of the top 25 startups, according to LinkedIn. "In fact, 58 per cent of all the jobs posted by these startups on LinkedIn during the same period from August 1, 2021 to July 31, 2022 were based out of Bengaluru," it stated.

According to Nirajita Banerjee, managing editor of LinkedIn News India, "These startups are navigating the uncertain macro environment by optimising their businesses for sustainable growth and taking a more prudent approach towards scaling their business."

In order to create this year's ranking, LinkedIn examined platform data from July 2021 to June 2022 in four areas: employee growth, jobseeker interest, member interaction within the company and its employees, and how successfully these startups attracted talent from its renowned LinkedIn Top Companies list.

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