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Pakistan PM Imran Khan calls no

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said he will show the ‘threatening letter’, that he referred to in his public rally in Islamabad on March 27, to senior journalists and government allies later on Wednesday, Express Tribune reported. The premier made these remarks during a ceremony in Islamabad marking the launch of the e-passports facility.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan calls no

During the ceremony, the prime minister talked about the no-confidence motion, especially the existence of the alleged letter, which warned of ‘dire consequences’ if he continued to stay in power. However, the opposition has rejected the premier’s claims; and concerned quarters did not find any evidence of an external plot to remove Imran Khan from power.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan calls no

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Pakistan PM Imran Khan calls no

Imran Khan said that the no-confidence motion was a "democratic" right in a parliamentary democracy, but as per him, the current no-trust move was "funded by foreign powers". The PM said foreign powers could not accept leadership that worked for the people of Pakistan and criticised the United States’ War on Terror, saying Pakistan "sacrificed its interest" for foreign powers but they never "valued" its sacrifices.

In an allusion to the alleged letter, Imran said he would show it to senior journalists and allied parties to show that it was "real". "I will show this document to the top journalists as its details could not be shared in public," he said, calling the move to remove him a part of a "huge international conspiracy".

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