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Tata Group may start manufacturing iPhones in India, in talks with Wistron

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According to recent reports, Tata Group is in discussions with Taiwanese supplier Wistron,  to build a joint venture plant for the manufacture of electronics and assemble iPhones in the South Asian countries.  Within the next two months, Apple plans to produce the iPhone 14 in India. Apple will work with suppliers to construct its new iPhone in India far sooner than usual in order to lessen its reliance on China as the principal maker of iPhones worldwide. Apple has a few Indian partners who manufacture iPhones for the company such as Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatron. The Tata Group, a major Indian conglomerate, appears to be planning to manufacture the Apple iPhone in India soon.  It would be a major boost for the country’s effort to challenge China who is dominant in electronics manufacturing. It might also convince other major global electronics manufacturers to think about doing their assembly in India in order to lessen their dependence on China at a time when geopolitical dangers are rising.  As per a report by Bloomberg, Tata group is keen on seeking Wistron’s expertise in product development, supply chain and assembly to turn itself into a key player in technology manufacturing.  It is unclear whether Apple is aware of the Tata Group's discussions with Wistron, as the company has stringent quality control measures in place for its product assembly. The deal's structure and specifics, including shareholdings, are still being worked out.  Tata may purchase some shares in Wistron's India operations. Tata also has the option of building a new assembly facility. The chance exists that the business will be drawn to both proposals. Tata and Apple didn’t respond to requests for comment. A Wistron representative declined to comment.  The new venture’s objective is to increase the number of iPhones assembled by as much as five times from what Wistron currently builds in India, one of the people said. A partnership would also likely result in Mumbai-based Tata obtaining a share of Wistron’s manufacturing business beyond smartphones, the people said.

Tata Group may start manufacturing iPhones in India, in talks with Wistron

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