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Indian women entrepreneurs to get support, training from Google

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On Monday, Google unveiled the first cohort of 'Google for Startups Accelerator-India Women Founders,' consisting of 20 companies created or co-founded by women and chosen from almost 400 applicants.

Indian women entrepreneurs to get support, training from Google

The software giant will put extra attention on issues that prove difficult for female entrepreneurs, such as access to networks, access to funding, recruiting hurdles, mentoring, and many more due to a variety of societal factors and poor representation.

Indian women entrepreneurs to get support, training from Google

“The program, designed specifically for women-founded startups, will place special emphasis on subjects like access to networks, access to capital, hiring challenges, mentorship and many others which, for a variety of social reasons and low representation, prove challenging for female founders,” said Google in a press release.

Indian women entrepreneurs to get support, training from Google

Further, the firm claims to provide access to a worldwide network of women entrepreneurs as well as courses and help in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), cloud computing, user experience (UX), Android, the web, product strategy, and expansion.

Aspire for Her, Brown Living, CoLLearn Education, Commudle, Dubverse, Elda Health, Fitbots, and more are just a few of the firms chosen.

"This programme is part of a larger effort by Google towards improving the representation of women across different sections of India's digitally-trained workforce - be it entrepreneurship, professionals looking to upskill or young graduates seeking a head start on their career," said Google.

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