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Watch made of space meteorite marks 50 years of Indian space programme

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In the spirit of producing world-class wrist watches that tell stories from India, Bangalore Watch Company™ celebrates the Indian space program through a Limited Edition 50 watch set. Each of the 50 watches contains a piece of Meteorite rock recovered from Sweden.  "The Indian space program is a constant source of inspiration for a billion people. With humble beginnings in a fishing village in the 1960s, it is now a world-leader in indigenous satellite launch vehicles."  "At Bangalore Watch Company™ we are committed to making world-class watches that tell inspiring stories from 21st century India, and this is a story we’re proud to tell," says Nirupesh Joshi, Founder and Creative Director of the brand."  The watch is machined out of a single block of Titanium, uses a Swiss Automatic movement, and has a 3D engraving of the Aryabhatta satellite on the caseback. It makes for an excellent conversation starter that our owners will love to wear," says Mercy Amalraj, Founder and Head of Customer Experience. To make this collection special, the brand has recovered Meteorite rocks from Sweden to form watch dials for the 50 pieces. Called the Muonionalusta meteorite, these rocks have unique patterns due to millions of years spent in space.  Each watch is unique with its own pattern, and no two watches are alike."Meteorites are outer space rocks, they mostly burn up when entering Earth's atmosphere, but some of them make it through. We found one such rock, and worked with our manufacturing partners in Switzerland to create 50 watches from it.  Because of the rarity of the material and the challenges in manufacturing, we can only make small batches at a time," says Nirupesh Joshi. "Our customers are young executives and business owners, the Apogee`s Extraterrestrial collection is a Collector's item that will become excellent conversation starters," says Mercy Amalraj. The watch is priced at Rs 186,000/-, reservations for the limited edition are available upon request at www.bangalorewatchco.in Bangalore Watch Company™ produces world-class, affordable luxury wristwatches from India.  Each collection, produced in limited numbers, tells stories inspired by 21st-century India. Founded in India`s watchmaking ground-zero, Bengaluru couple Nirupesh Joshi and Mercy Amalraj left behind their tech-consulting careers overseas. They returned to India to start Bangalore Watch Company™. With a debut in 2018, the brand has built an enthusiastic following around the world, with patrons in over 30 countries.

Watch made of space meteorite marks 50 years of Indian space programme

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